What to Look for When Picking a Travel System

So you’re having a baby! It’s an exciting and stressful time with many different things to consider. One of the biggest decisions when having a baby is what travel system to buy. It is a big money item. Your stroller and car seat also have the potential to help make your life a lot easier or to cause you a lot of stress.

For this reason, it is important to really consider what travel system will work best for your family. Every family’s needs and budget are different, so don’t assume that because a travel system works very well for your friend that it will for you. Here is our list of things to look for when picking a fabulous travel system:

  1. Look into how safe the system is

Your first consideration should be safety, especially for the car seat component of your travel system. Although all travel systems have to meet certain safety regulations, there can still be big differences in just how safe they are. Get the safest seat you can afford.

  1. Find the stroller that suits you best

After you have some safe car seats picked, look into the stroller component and make sure you are getting one that will suit your needs well. Will you just use your stroller to get around the shops? Or do you need something to take off road? These are just some of the things you will need to consider when choosing your stroller.

  1. Check how the car seat snaps into the stroller

For your travel system to work well, you are going to want to ensure that taking the car seat out of the car and snapping it into the stroller is an easy thing to do. If this process isn’t straight forward then there is little point buying a travel system in the first place.

  1. Consider the size of the travel system

One of the biggest mistakes new parents make is buying a travel system which is just too big and bulky for their needs. Remember that you will be using this system a lot. You need something that you can lift in and out of the car easily and that actually fits in your car. If you have a small trunk, this is especially something to consider. The stroller needs to fit inside and ideally you need plenty of room left over for other items you might need to transport such as groceries.

  1. Ensure a travel system is the best idea for your family

If, after doing all the steps above, you are not finding a travel system that you are happy with then you may want to reconsider buying a travel system at all. There is always the alternative of buying the items individually.

Many strollers and car seats will work together if you buy an additional car seat adaptor to help you click the capsule into the stroller. This can be a great way to ensure that you get to buy a car seat and a stroller that suit your needs perfectly while still having the functionality you desired from a travel system. Here is an interesting article on this topic.

If you follow the steps above, hopefully you will not have any problem finding a travel system to suit your needs or an alternative. Good luck!