The Top 5 Baby Travel Systems

For parents, the carseat and stroller are two of the more important purchases we make. In our opinion, the stroller must be easy to use, durable and lightweight. The carseat, of course, must be safe and simple enough to attach. For more and more parents, the flexibility of a travel system, whereby the baby remains in a single capsule which can be attached to the car/stroller, has become an attractive option.

Many travel systems are of great quality, are easy to use and are relatively cost effective. You can read my article about what to look for when buying a travel system here. With bub getting from Point A to Point B in one single capsule, the trip to the grocery store becomes a breeze. A list of our favorite travel systems are below!

Britax Chaperone Car Seat and B-Agile Stroller

Britax make it as easy as possible with their chaperone car seat which can be attached easily, and is suitable for all kinds of travel. It is lightweight, very responsive and sturdy. It folds easily and attaches to most major car seat brands when you use the Britax car seat adapter. The Britax has the practicality to seamlessly fit into small and large cars alike. With the versatility of the Britax, you can rest assured that whatever opportunity presents, you’ll be well prepared. Needless to say, baby will be happy to travel in style wherever they may go.

Graco Fast Action Jogger Travel System

This ones for the fast paced among us, as the name suggests. It is a larger design stroller and, as expected, a little heavier than others. However this can work in your favor allowing you to have slightly more control over the strollers movements.
The stroller is great for everyday use, with a simple but trendy design.
It is very easy to fold and functional enough for everyday use. If you are in demand of a stroller that can take a lot of punishment then this may be the one for you. It is built to be battered. This is a great quality stroller.

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 Car Seat

The Evenflo features a funky design, with bright and vibrant, typically ‘girly’ colors. As a stroller, it is easily folded and just as easily unfolded. As a car seat, it is flexible and simple to transfer from the base and stroller alike. Although the stroller lacks adjustable height handles, it is lightweight and compact, which makes things so simple. It is an easy fit into the ever shrinking modern trunks. Bargain conscious shoppers note that you may be able to find a great deal on the Evenflo, as there are often great deals about.

Orbit Baby Travel System G2

The Orbit is another great option. It is easily removable from the stroller, and attaching the Orbit to the car is as easy as twisting a knob. The Orbit also features a 360 degree disc, which will enable baby to be faced towards any direction they please, thereby allowing them to get the most out of any family gathering from the comfort of their stroller. We wouldn’t want them to miss out on anything. It can be a little more tricky to attach the car seat to the car than competing brands, but once it is in it does provide a very safe and secure environment for baby.

Graco UrbanLite Classic Connect Travel System

The UrbanLite is a great option for the cost conscious. While it is an affordable option, it is strong, compact and easily maneuverable. As a stroller, it folds easily, is light weight and durable. The basket is large and highly durable too which is great to note. The design of the stroller features nothing offensive to the eye, with neutral colors and a stylish geometric design inside the canopy. This is a great option for those among us that don’t need anything too elaborate, other than a simple, safe and easy to use stroller and car seat.

With so many great travel systems on the market, it’s tough to say which one is best for you. However, we believe with the ease of use, the flexibility to be used on many different surfaces, the durability and great style of the Britax Chaperone Car Seat and B-Agile Stroller gives it a place as the stand out travel system! With their car seat adapter, the Britax makes it just too easy. As the Britax is neither overly large or small, it makes it a great option for families that are still growing! Even the price tag is not bad!

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