How To Pick A Stroller

picking a stroller

The first step to picking a stroller, is decided what type is right for you. The Stroller Site has a good guide to what questions you should ask yourself to do this. Don’t just choose a stroller that looks beautiful or that has those cute features; look for a stroller with high durability because it keeps you from having to buy a new stroller when you have another baby, and it saves you money this way. The ideal stroller should also have belts and fixtures that are easy to use and the stroller should include a seat that is washable and removable.

Main Features To Look For in Stroller

A good stroller should have adjustable handles so that you can change them as needed for comfort. Since you’re likely to carry different items for the baby along with the stroller, look for a stroller that has a tray attached to it for storing the items. To protect your baby from the sun’s rays get a stroller with a canopy at the top. A five point harness is important in a stroller and the wheels should absorb shock well.

Buy A Foldable Stroller

If you a travel with the baby a lot in the car, you want to buy a stroller that is both foldable and that will fit well in the trunk or back seat of the car. It’s a good way to measure the trunk in order to get an idea of what size stroller you should buy. When purchasing a foldable stroller, make sure that is easy to use and maintain. We especially recommend an umbrella stroller – here are some reasons why.

Understanding The Different Types of Strollers

A travel system stroller works nice for families who go out a lot because the stroller is bigger and it is usually a combination with a car seat so it can serve more than one function. The jogging stroller is designed for parents who do their outdoor workouts while the baby is in the stroller. This kind of stroller generally has three wheels and runs smoothly on all kinds of outdoor surfaces. The umbrella stroller is for older toddlers.

Test It Out

Another thing you should do is test out different strollers to determine the comfort and functionality of the strollers you’re interested in. If a certain stroller does not move across the surface smoothly or if it lacks storage space for the baby’s items, then you should continue the search.

Read Reviews

Since mothers are good sources of advice for the right stroller, it would be a good idea to read reviews online and magazines by mothers who purchased strollers because they can give advice on which one is the best based on safety, appearance and other important features. Some reviews are not from actual users of the strollers so you want to keep this in mind when looking at reviews.

Here are some great review sites – parenting.com and on thestrollersite.com.


A sturdy and functional stroller ensures that your baby travels well and it could be days or weeks before you find the right stroller. When you purchase the stroller you should look over the manufacturer’s instructions carefully as well as the length of warranty. Finally, enjoy the stroller and maintain it in a way that allows the stroller to last for years.

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