How To Pick A Baby Car Seat

picking a baby car seat

There are many factors to consider when picking a baby car seat. Here are some of them…

You want to choose a baby car seat that is not hard to install so before you purchase it, look over the basic installation and maintenance instructions to determine the ease of installation.

Price is also a factor when choosing a baby car seat, but your budget should not be the top factor but quality. Look for a car seat that is easily washable since there will be times when the seat gets dirty. Another important factor is the comfort level of the baby. Touch the padding to ensure that it is soft enough for the baby to sit in for hours.

Read Safety Reports And Reviews

It is advisable that you read the latest safety reports from consumer advocacy groups and government agencies that monitor consumer products because this gives you an idea of which baby car seats are the safest and which car seats have been recalled due to safety hazards. Read reviews of baby car seats from legitimate magazines and newspapers as well as online blogs to find out why certain baby car seats are the best on the market. You can also check out our guide to the best 5 baby car seats.

Five Point Harness

When you shop for a baby car seat, it must have a five point harness because it ensures that your baby stays safe while riding in the car. The harness should also be able to be adjusted as needed to keep the baby comfortable while in the car seat. In addition to this, the seat belt should be placed where you can adjust it from the front rather than the back since it’s safer.

Never Buy A Used Baby Car Seat

You may be tempted to purchase a used car seat, but this is not safe because there may be serious problems such as a broken harness or belt, stains on the padding that are impossible to get out, or another faulty problem. Furthermore, the used baby car seat may be of a brand that was recalled recently because of safety issues. It is safer to purchase a new baby car seat.

Consider The Baby’s Size And Age

For babies who are younger than a year old and who weigh between 20 and 40 pounds, you should put them in a rear facing car seat, but if the baby is older than a year old and weighs the same amount, a front facing seat is better. Before you purchase a baby car seat you can test out different seats by placing the baby in the seat to determine if they are suited for their size.


Take as much time as you need when searching for the right car seat and go beyond just the aesthetics and affordability. Your first priority should be safety and comfort for the baby, and those qualities are worth the higher price. Sometimes name brand baby car seats are not the best, but there are little known brands that are excellent quality. Finally, install according to instructions carefully to avoid problems