How To Pick A Baby Booster Seat

When you choose a booster seat for your baby, you want to choose a seat according to the baby’s size and weight. If the child is less than a year old and weighs 20 pounds or less, you’ll need to purchase a rear facing car seat. Until the child is about 4 years old, they should sit in a forward facing car seat with 5 point harness. Once the child is around 4, they can seat in a booster seat until they are big enough to sit by themselves in the car.

The booster seat should also be easy to install and maintain because you don’t want to spend an hour trying to install or adjust the seat. Look over the installation instructions before buying a booster seat.

Choose A Booster Seat With The Right Safety Features

When purchasing a booster seat for your baby, you want to choose a seat that has the best safety features. A good car seat would have tether straps because tether straps keep the seat from toppling and it prevents a baby from getting whiplash. Another thing you should do is have a professional inspect the car seat to ensure it’s installed properly.

Consider The Kind of Car You Have

Not all booster seats will fit well in your car so you should consider the kind of car you have when looking for a seat. If you have a small hybrid car, you’ll need to find a booster seat that is small enough for the back seat if the back seat has limited space.

Brand Reputation Is Also Important

There are so many brands of booster seats on the market that you need to research each brand carefully because some brands are more reputable than others, make sure you choose a car seat that is made by a good manufacturer. Your friends can also give recommendations on which car seat brands are the best. This site is good for recommendations.

Two Types of Booster Seats

This is another thing to consider when choosing a booster seat. The no back booster seat is portable, but you will need headrests to keep the baby safe during potential accidents. There are also the high back booster seat and this is safer than the no back booster seat since it protects the baby against injuries in the car. The high back booster seat is also great for kids who sleep on road trips.


Buying the best booster seat is a matter of doing thorough research and thinking about what is the safest for the baby. Once you buy the right car seat troubleshoot it periodically so that you’ll maintain it for a long time. Finally, if you have additional children you can have them use the same booster when they are old enough to use it, so it is important to buy a quality seat.